$3 13 Pcs 3D Maple Leaf Holographic Nail Sequins Nail Art Stickers Beauty Personal Care Foot, Hand Nail Care /fasciola1489374.html,Pcs,Art,Beauty Personal Care , Foot, Hand Nail Care,Sequins,Stickers,Nail,Nail,Maple,Holographic,oso-link.com,3D,13,$3,Leaf 13 Pcs 3D Maple Leaf Nail Holographic Stickers Sequins Some reservation Art /fasciola1489374.html,Pcs,Art,Beauty Personal Care , Foot, Hand Nail Care,Sequins,Stickers,Nail,Nail,Maple,Holographic,oso-link.com,3D,13,$3,Leaf 13 Pcs 3D Maple Leaf Nail Holographic Stickers Sequins Some reservation Art $3 13 Pcs 3D Maple Leaf Holographic Nail Sequins Nail Art Stickers Beauty Personal Care Foot, Hand Nail Care

13 Pcs 3D Maple Leaf Free shipping anywhere in the nation Nail Holographic Stickers Sequins Some reservation Art

13 Pcs 3D Maple Leaf Holographic Nail Sequins Nail Art Stickers


13 Pcs 3D Maple Leaf Holographic Nail Sequins Nail Art Stickers

Product description

Specifications: Product Type: maple leaf series nail decals  Material: adhesive PET with photo paper Size: about 3.93 x 2.36 inch  Pattern: as shown in the picture  Color: black / white / gold / pink / blue / green / silver / red / rainbow butterfly nail sticker Package include: 12 sheets maple leaf nail stickers  1 * tweezers 1* rubber cuticle pusher Features: 100% brand new high quality nail stickers.  Multicolors for you to choose. Self-adhesive, and no need nail glues. Easy to sticker and remove on natural or artificial nails.  Suitable for professional salon use or home use.  Suitable for nail polish, UV gel, artificial and acrylic nails, etc.  How to use: 1. Apply proper nail polish color as the base color, and make it completely dry.  2. Peel your desired color by the tweezers, and then stick on your nails.  3. Then use the rubber pusher to press the nail sticker on the nail tightly.  4. Apply transparent top coat and wait for drying.  5. Finished, you can design your own patterns and enjoy beautiful nails.  Note: These holographic nail sequins could be used with the butterfly patterns or other pattern that sold in our stores.

13 Pcs 3D Maple Leaf Holographic Nail Sequins Nail Art Stickers

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