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Trotters Jacksonville Mall Women's Pump Special price for a limited time Kiki

Trotters Women's Kiki Pump


Trotters Women's Kiki Pump

Product description

A new cap toe detail is added to our best selling block heel pump. The embossed snake is chic and trendy for today's work world or for a nice dinner too. Removable cushioned footbed and arch support for the perfect fit.

Se añade un nuevo detalle del dedo del pie de la tapa a nuestra bomba de tacón de bloque más vendida. La serpiente en relieve es elegante y de moda para el mundo del trabajo de hoy o para una buena cena también. Plantilla acolchada extraíble y soporte para el arco para un ajuste perfecto.

Ein neues Zehendetail wird zu unserem meistverkauften Blockabsatz Pumps hinzugefügt. Die geprägte Schlange ist schick und trendy für die heutige Arbeitswelt oder für ein schönes Abendessen. Abnehmbares gepolstertes Fußbett und Fußgewölbeunterstützung für die perfekte Passform.

我們最暢銷的粗跟高跟鞋添加了新的鞋頭細節。 浮雕蛇紋在現今的工作世界或晚餐時非常別緻時尚。 ​ 可拆式緩衝鞋墊和足弓支撐,完美貼合。

我们最畅销的粗跟高跟鞋添加了开普托细节。 浮雕蛇既别致又时尚,适合当今的工作世界,也适合享用晚餐。 可拆卸缓震鞋垫和足弓支撑,完美贴合。

가장 잘 팔리는 블록 힐 펌프스에 새로운 캡 토 디테일이 추가되었습니다. 엠보싱 뱀은 세련되고 트렌디한 오늘날의 직장 세계나 멋진 저녁 식사에도 어울립니다. 완벽한 핏을 위한 탈착식 쿠션 풋 베드와 아치 서포트.

Trotters Women's Kiki Pump

  • What is O-Mo-Te-Na-Si?

    These five elements spell omotenasi, the Japanese word for hospitality.
    It means to wholeheartedly take care of guests without expecting anything in return.
    Attention is paid to even the smallest details in order to bring guests the best experience possible.
    As you make your way across Japan, you will find omotenasi everywhere.

  • What is O-H-K-I-Ni?

    This popular word has the meaning of “thank you”.
    Many people in the Kansai area say “Ohkini” at the end of conversation to smooth relations with the person.
    Ohkini was originally an adverb that indicated large quantities. Therefore,
    “Ohkini Arigato” is the equivalent of “Thank you very much.”
    Over the years, this was abbreviated to just “Ohkini.”
    O・H・K・I・Ni for attending the IChO 2021 Japan!