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Get Your Business a Digital Marketer

Get Your Business a Digital Marketer

In our modern age, and the rapidly evolving world of digital communication, your business needs to adapt and grow to these changes in order to stay competitive and get more customers subscribed to your products and services.

The Digital Marketer comes into conception; a marketer versed in the utilization of the latest communication medium and technologies. Here’s why your business should have one.

The Digital Reach

Digital Marketers can reach audiences beyond the confines of your business’ physical address. Social Media Platforms: like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter provide ease-of-access to your latest business venture, maybe a product reveal, or a call-to-action ad.

Your business’ Facebook page is a friendly means to approach the masses due to its inherent popularity with a lot of users around the world. A maintained page will post the occasional bit of product or service offered. Facebook itself has tools to help your advertisements have increased visibility.

Instagram allows your business to tell a story through pictures; maybe hook your audience and potential customers from captivating visuals and thought provoking imagery on the nature of your business.

Twitter offers similar functions to Facebook but in smaller digestible blurbs. So long as the account abides Twitter’s strict Terms of Service, the Twitter page can surely provide some needed eyes on your business without having to dump your entire business’ exposition in one go, intimidating your customers.

EMailing Marketing services that allow the launch of a marketing campaign towards your latest product and/or service such as: Mailchimp, Benchmark and Constant Contact. These services help in catching new prospects, delivery of newsletters to clients, and retaining brand loyalty.

The Advantages of EMail Marketing are:

Relatively Inexpensive: All the Marketer really needs is a computer, a stable internet connection, and a rousing sales pitch to go on their EMail about your business offerings.

Quick Response: You get to immediately know whether the prospect is interested in your business especially with the use of EMail Tracking Services and browser extensions.

Visibility: People receive EMails all the time these days and it’s not too uncommon for them to notice your business and what you stand for.

However with this ease-of-access comes with its fair share of drawbacks and stipulations–Digital Marketers be wary, this is for transparency-sake.

Posting in Social Media should be regulated – DO NOT SPAM, READ THE ToS.

The marketer should be aware about the Terms of Service on the platform they are on and what kind of content they can post and how often. The account/page should be kept active so that the prospects that view/follow the account know that the business is active, care must be taken to maintain product image and positive perception of the business.

Your EMail Marketing is viewed as SPAM.

Unavoidable. But this opinion varies from one customer to the other, if they are in dire need of a business they’ll surely go through their spam folder and may see your offerings palettable. The best you can do to counteract this is through the content of your EMail.

Usage of Up-To-Date Digital Technologies

Alongside EMails and Social Media, the Digital Marketer is able to enhance their capabilities to market your business using a wealth of resources available across the internet.

Apps like Photoshop, Canva and Inkscape amongst many others help the Marketer by giving them the tools necessary to make visually striking graphics that reflect your business offers, advertise a service or a product.

The use of Cloud Storage Services like Google Drive, Mega or Dropbox makes sure that the business has a reliable compendium of resources to draw from without the need of an expensive data server which should be reserved only for business-critical needs.

Website Builder Platforms like WordPress, Wix and Weebly among others can help you attract customers to your business once you’ve led them to your domain. Your website should be a Tour de Force on what your business is, what it stands for, your products and services.

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Taking Advantage of Current Analytics Technology for ECommerce.

Google My Business and its associated apps as well as Google Analytics helps the Digital Marketer fine tune their approach in their pursuit of new customers as well as what retains a customer to your business.

In conclusion, to address the needs of the contemporary market these days, the Digital Marketer can prove to be an invaluable asset for your business, they can reach far beyond from the confines of your establishment without having to expend that much money on physical ads and business trips just to market a product or service. They can launch a mailing campaign that gets to your prospects at the click of a button and immediately get results. Today’s technology provides means to improve the visibility of a business through graphics, videos and/or advertisement without the immediate need of a dedicated agency.

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